Welcome To The Bestie Booksleeve

Hello sweet friends! 🥰 We made a big change!

We have officially changed our business name!

We are no longer HappyGoLovelySleeves…

We are now The Bestie Booksleeve!!

And I love it so much!


This is something I’ve been wanting to do for  a WHILE now, but finally got the courage to just go for it!

We love The Bestie Booksleeve because it has the perfect double meaning!

💞 First, we are all bookish besties because reading has brought us together in such a magical way!

💖 And secondly, our booksleeves are your books’ best friend keeping them safe, cozy + protected while being cute + nuggly!

The perfect best friend to take with you everywhere…



This will definitely be a lol bit of a transition, changing all our information over, so bear with us, but you will get the same amazing quality from us!



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